Lorelei has had the opportunity to meet, have interviews with, and get endorsements from numerous celebrities. Following are just some of the interesting people she’s met and worked with.

“Witty, bright, and full of faith–a mixture that has her audiences spellbound –and leaves them with their batteries charged!” -National Association of Women Business Owners

“We can find any number of people to give technical assistance. You, however, give people hope.”    -Blandin Foundation

“Iʼm a movie buff, a documentary buff. And I just recently watched my friend Loreleiʼs amazing video (“Five Weeks and Five Days”) on how she and inspiring group of women came together and built an entire hand-crafts village in just five weeks and five days. Everyone told them it couldnʼt be done and they did it. The documentary is so amazing thatʼs itʼs even been shown on public television.

“Do yourself a favor and watch this video! If you are a teacher, show it in a classroom. If you are a company, show it to your workers. It will teach everybody how to come together, be more productive, get more out of their life individually and as a group. This video is dynamic!” James Malinchak , “Two-Time College Speaker of the Year,” ABC’s “Secret Millionaire,” and co-author of “Chicken Soup for the College Soul.” James was also Lorelei’s personal coach. http://www.big-moneyspeaker.com


“Loreleiʼs book “Anything Is Possible!” is an extraordinary book, full of ideas and insight that inspire you to set bigger goals and motivate you to persist until you succeed.” Brian Tracy, Brian Tracy International, shown here speaking at Craig Duswalt’s Rock Star System for Success in LA in Septemer. Lorelei spoke on the same stage when Craig introduced her and her book ( the video clip is seen below). http://www.briantracy.com/.





Of all the people Lorelei has spent time with during her speaking tours, meeting with Sir Anthony Hopkins has been the highlight!




“Iʼd like you to meet my inspiring friend, Lorelei Kraft. Sheʼs an author, speaker, a producer and a coach. I would love a little pocket guide of the words of wisdom she lives by because
sheʼs really a go-getter and her tips of wisdom are just inspiring. So definitely check her out! Iʼm really impressed and sheʼs great!” Kristi Frank, Season #1, Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, and CEO of www.Saturday-MorningSuccess.com.



“Leadership is as much about attitude as technical skill, and Lorelei has achieved ‘RockStar’ results by sheer force of using attitude to overcome obstacles. Her stories are proof that ‘anything is possible’ !” Craig Duswalt, Speaker and Author, RockStar System For Success.  Craig has had an interesting life as the personal assistant to the band Air Supply and then as the personal manager of Axl Rose, lead singer of Guns N’ Roses.

Craig now produces his “RockStar System For Success” conferences, attended by thousands of writers and speakers. Craig has also provided personal coaching to Lorelei.  He introduced Lorelei and her new book at his September conference:


“Lorelei has been a role model for me for many years. She knows how to light a path for a future filled with hope and then marshals the resources necessary to implement her vision through her energy, creativity and belief that anything is possible!” 
                                        Jill J. Johnson, MBA President of Johnson Consulting Services




Lorelei met Stedman Graham after his speech at James’conference in Los Angeles.





“I’ve known and worked with Lorelei since her early days in business.  She has the ability to make people see their dreams.  Lorelei is not only extremely talented in many areas (a true Renaissance woman!) but she has one of the most generous spirits I have ever encountered.  She is always reaching back with a helping hand to others.”Ilse Armstrong CEO, Candle Enterprises, Inc.



Bill Rancic was the winner of Donald Trumpʼs “The Apprentice, Season One,” and has parlayed that into a multi-million dollar speaking and consulting business. Here Lorelei and Bill share a light-hearted moment.




Barbara Niven is a powerful motivational speaker–and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet!  (www.unleashyourstarpower.com)


Glen Morshower has appeared in over 160 film and television projects. Glenn Morshower is regarded as one of the busiest character actors in Hollywood. Best known for his role as Aaron Pierce on the FOX hit series “24,” Glenn has a hugely successful acting career spanning 35 years. He has appeared in over 160 film and television projects. Glen also spoke at the conference Lorelei attended in Las Vegas.



Dr. Bill Dorfman is affectionately known as “Americaʼs Dentist.” He become a star in his own right as the featured dentist on the hit ABC series, “Extreme Makeover,” as well as the number one guest co-host on the new syndicated daytime talk show, “The Doctors.” In addition, Dr. Dorfman is a world-renowned lecturer and NY Times best selling author.





Lorelei is consistently rated the highest of speakers at conferences, as her humorous speaking style and highly motivational stories she shares from her “Seven Keys to Anything Is Possible!”TM give her audiences inspiration for their own lives, as well as practical advice that can be implemented immediately.