Lorelei is consistently rated the highest of speakers at conferences, as her humorous speaking style and the amazing stories she shares from her “Life Lessons For Success” give her audiences great inspiration for their own lives, as  well as practical advice that can be implemented immediately.

“Witty, bright, and full of faith–a mixture that has her audiences spellbound –and leaves them with their batteries charged!” -National Association of Women Business Owners

“We can find any number of people to give technical assistance. You, however, give people hope.”
                                                       -Blandin Foundation

“I’ve known and worked with Lorelei since her early days in business.  She is an amazing speaker, and has the ability to make people see their dreams!  Lorelei is not only extremely talented in many areas (a true Renaissance woman) but she has one of the most generous spirits I have ever encountered.  She is always reaching back with a helping hand to lift others.”  –  Ilse Armstrong,  CEO, Candle Enterprises, Inc.

My inspiring friend, Lorelei Kraft, is an author, speaker, a producer and a coach. I would love a little pocket guide of the words of wisdom she lives by because sheʼs really a go-getter and her tips of wisdom are just inspiring.” Kristi Frank, Season One, Donald Trump’s The Apprentice and host of www.SaturdayMorningSuccess.com

“Successful women like Lorelei Kraft don’t play it safe.  They ask for what they want, they think positively, they’re perceptive and persuasive…So here’s another quote from Lorelei’s speech:  ‘I’ve never let reality stand in my way!’”Judy Goenner, Escape Magazine

(See the Testimonials Page for more testimonials from those who have worked with Lorelei.)

These are just some of the conferences and meetings, etc. at which Lorelei has spoken,which show the wide appeal of her message:

(Keynote)  Professional Development Conference
(Keynote)  National Association of Women Business Owners
(Keynote)  North Dakota Conference on Planning
(Keynote)  Northwest Petroleum Association
(Keynote)  Women’s Trade Fair
(Keynote)  Homebased Business Workshop and Fair
(Keynote)  Consumer Update Conference
(Keynote)  General Federation of Women’s Clubs State Convention
(Keynote)  Minnesota Business Women State Convention
                    American Association of University Women
                    Blandin Foundation Leadership Conferences
                    MN Small Business Trade Fair
                    MN State Tourism Conference
                    ND State Tourism Conference
                    Conference of the Forum for Executive Women
                    Boys and Girls Club of Minneapolis Annual Board of Directors Dinner
                    Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota
                    M State Business School
                    Heartland Center for Lifelong Learning                  
                    Sons of Norway

 What Lorelei Will Bring
To Your Meeting, Seminar, Convention or Classroom:

Many speakers stress “self-esteem”, “goal setting”,”positive attitudes”, but Lorelei has actually done what others only talk about.  She goes far beyond that, and will help you see your world differently!

Lorelei is that rare speaker who helps people in any profession or walk of life see their issues and their surroundings with fresh eyes.  She will show you new visions, new realities, and new beginnings with such sparkle and wit that it will renew your faith in unlimited possibilities.

On one of the “impossible” business start-ups that Lorelei developed, she said, “We were like the bumblebees.  Aerodynamically, the bee cannot fly because it’s wingspan is too short for its body weight.  But the bumblebee doesn’t know that, and the bumblebee just keeps on flying!”

Lorelei can prove to you that the impossible can be done–and will share her secrets with you!

Lorelei’s time with you will be tailored to meet the needs of your group.  For more information, click on the “Contact” button at the top of this page.  We will get back to you within 24 business hours.  Or call 1-919-568-0915.  If you’d like a copy of Lorelei’s speaking brochure, please call or write.  Thank you!


Lorelei is consistently rated the highest of speakers at conferences, as her humorous speaking style and highly motivational stories she shares from her “Seven Keys to Anything Is Possible!”TM give her audiences inspiration for their own lives, as well as practical advice that can be implemented immediately.